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Corporate - Commercial

Our experience in Commercial and Corporate Law is one of our main assets. We are proud to say that we have more clients than cases and we are grateful for the trust and stable relationship bonding us with our clients. The relationship of trust that is created in the commercial and corporate environment involves the legal advice provided by the company and in many cases its Secretariat. Our membership on the Boards and administrative bodies of our clients, whether these are local companies or international groups with subsidiaries in Spain, allows us to practise loyalty and trust stemming from our standpoint of proximity with the client.
Our corporate law practice and counselling is our flagship. Our advice covers all areas of corporate law. By way of example, it is worth mentioning:
  • Planning and incorporation of companies
  • Secretary of the Company’s governing body
  • Corporate resolutions of a company's governing bodies, challenges of corporate resolutions
  • Partner agreements, paracorporate agreements, joint venture agreements
  • Management corporate liability
  • Mergers, capital increases, divisions and corporate restructuring operations
  • Creation of corporate holdings
Purchase and sale of companies
Legal Due Diligence
The acquisition of a company or a stake in a firm requires a reliable and quality Due Diligence process. Our law firm offers clients its experience to proceed with the acquisition of companies from its know-how of the aspects that may constitute a contingency possibly effecting the negotiation of the transaction.

Sale Agreements
Our clients' companies are established, grow and are acquired by or merge with others. One of our activities is thus to support our clients in the purchase and sale of companies or business units. The following are some of the services linked with this field:
  • Planning the purchase or sale
  • Drafting the agreement for sale or purchase of assets
  • Drafting the guarantee documents attached to the contract
  • Performance of the agreement
Commercial Contracting
Commercial agreements and negotiation is an activity that clients carry out to reach their goal for which legal advice is required. The great dynamism of businesses leads companies to reach agreements far beyond standard contracts. Working together with clients, our practice has thus accumulated know-how in all kinds of agreements and commercial negotiation.

Tooling Agreements
These agreements are of particular importance in the automotive sector, where the possession of tools and dyes is transferred to suppliers which manufacture the parts covered by the agreements.

Commercial agreements between companies 
Special financing agreements, franchise, volume rebates, discounts for quantities under conditions as complex as our clients’ real business.

Machinery Leases

Bufete Mañá-Krier-Elvira has gained experience in counselling on special matters such as short- or long-term leasing of machinery. These agreements are relevant to clients who make or trade in machinery.

Banking Agreements
Representing banking institutions has allowed us to amass great know-how in the field which we then make available to our clients. We offer advice on contracts, swaps, bank guarantees, credit facilities, loans, factoring, renting, leasing and financing agreements.
Agency and distribution agreements
Counsel on agency agreements both in Spain and abroad is particularly requested by our clients in the various phases of the contract. Our experience is not only available on the legal side but also during the negotiation phase. Termination of these agreements is the point at which legal advice is usually most necessary, especially in order to set the strategy with the aim of minimising the cost of possible compensation.

Our activities cover all client needs such as:
  • Drafting agency agreements
  • Drafting distribution agreements
  • Planning and strategies for terminating an agency or distribution agreements
  • Counsel for agents and distributors to claim their rights in respect of the company