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Barcelona became a reference hub for the automotive sector some decades ago. Since then, many German, Austrian and Swiss companies in this field have established themselves in the geographical surroundings of the city. Such clients have required legal advice in the automotive commercial transactions and agreements. As a result, this has become one of our main sectors. 
Agreements with car maker companies
The end or direct customers for our clients are usually the well know international car maker companies such as SEAT, Mercedes, AUDI, PSA, Renault or Nissan. Contractual relations with them are based on their strong position where less room for negotiation seems to remain. The contracts and agreements in which our advice is required are for example:
  • Non-Disclosure agreements
  • General purchase Terms and Conditions of car maker companies
  • Manufacturing Agreements
The particularity of these contracts results from the legal obligations concerning spare parts, product homologations, intellectual property rights, recall insurance coverage or the penalties that are intended to be imposed by car maker companies.
Agreements with automobile suppliers
There are many agreements between our clients and their suppliers such as:
  • Tooling agreements
  • Equipment Rental Agreement
  • Machining and Manufacturing Services Contracts
  • Metal Manufacturing and Metal Stamping Contracts
  • Calibration Service Agreements
  • Consignment-warehouse Agreements
Contractual breach and termination are two of the more relevant moments in which legal advice on such infringement are needed, especially since companies in the sector cannot just stop their production process.
Agreements with other suppliers
Suppliers in this filed can be classified into those who are from the automotive industry itself, and those who belong not to the automotive chain of production but work for this sector. Many contracts from this area require legal advice, such as the following:
  • Contracts with logistic providers of storage to get the just in time
  • Contracts with transport companies
  • Contracts with IT companies
  • Facilities leasing contracts