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Civil Law regulates all private relations between people and many of the legal acts performed by companies and corporations. Our position as trusted lawyers for our clients has made this area one of our specialities.
Succession and Inheritance
In order to plan the inheritance, should be taken into account:

Inheritance planning

This is about understanding and interpreting our clients’ wishes and will in order to organize their succession in such a way that it is respected after death.

Special importance should be given to the tax perspective, not only as regards current regulations but also looking to the future, with a view to trends in Tax Law that may have an impact on appropriate Tax planning.

Preparation of inheritance documents
Drafting wills, reports, codicils, inheritance or family business agreements in line with the client’s wishes.

Execution of the deceased’s will, acting as executors
We offer extensive experience in providing our services as executors as a result of the trust that clients have placed in our law Firm.
Real estate
Some of our clients are real estate companies. Our international vocation has furthermore enabled us to counsel non-resident clients in both sale and lease transactions, among others.

We offer advice to clients on the following transactions: 
  • Earnest money deposits, purchase operations
  • Purchase and sale, exchanges and other real estate transfer transactions
  • Family real estate planning
  • Leasing of housing and business premises
We offer all our advice in English and German, as well as in French and Swedish. Our clients place great value on having documents submitted for signing especially in their own language.
Non-Profit-Making Foundations and Entities
We provide several services for Foundations and Associations, such as:
  • Incorporation of Foundations and Associations
  • Acting as Secretariat for the Board of Trustees of Foundations
  • Management of Non-Profit-Making Foundations and Associations