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Our litigation department is one of our added values. Our lawyers with more than 35 years of experience offer a technical and practical vision appropriate to the clients’ needs. A distinctive aspect of our service is that, if necessary, we attend personally to any court in Spain. We also report directly to our clients in their countries in English, German or French.
Our experience in legal proceedings regarding Business and Civil Deals is wide and diverse. This let us meet the needs of our clients. For companies or legal entities stands out our experience in various areas such as:

Corporate Area
  • All kinds of proceedings, especially the challenge of corporate agreements
  • Proceedings exercising the social action against the administrator
Real Estate Area
  • Proceedings on real estate leases and evictions
  • Proceedings on the ownership of real estate, contracts of earnest money, purchase and sale option, among others
Agency and Distribution Area
  • Proceedings claiming a compensation for costumers
  • Proceedings regarding the distribution contract
  • Proceedings in relation to the agency contract
Contractual Area
  • Proceedings of quantity claim
  • Proceedings related to termination of contract due to breach of contract
  • Proceedings in relation to contractual liability
Bankruptcy Proceedings
Companies born and developed and some others "die". Bankruptcy area has been especially important during the economic crisis both for the client in a situation of bankruptcy and for the clients who are creditors. This has allowed us to accumulate an extensive experience in:
  • Pre-insolvency situations
  • Beginning, procedure and completion of the judicial proceeding
  • Bankruptcy-related incidents
Execution of Foreign Judgments
The provision of our services in several languages, especially in English, German and French gave us the possibility to accumulate know-how regarding the execution of foreign judgments.
Civil liability in traffic accidents or medical negligence
Civil liability has been a booming issue in recent decades. Customers aware of their rights claim in their capacity as consumers and users; therefore they need a trusted lawyer to defend such interests.

Our main activities in this area are, among others, the following:
  • Claim for injuries compensation
  • Claim for medical negligence
  • Claim against people transport companies
Our experience has taught us how important is the extrajudicial activity and the previous negotiation to avoid the judicial process, but without fearing its interposition.
Contentious-administrative proceedings
Our activities include extensive experience in various areas, such as: procedure for the return of IIVTNU ("Municipal capital gains tax"), tax procedure and non-contractual patrimonial liability of the Administration.