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Real Estate

In the last 20 years, the Real Estate sector has gone through a journey of ups and downs and strong emotions. In front of that changing reality, our clients have proceeded with all kind of transactions to carry out their businesses in which our legal advice was requested. This has allowed us to accumulate experience in this sector, which can be systematized in various phases or areas.
Preliminary phase
  • Purchase-sale contracts with payments on account
  • Deposit agreements
  • Put and call options agreement on real state transactions
  • Court proceedings related to those agreements
Execution of the agreement
  • Purchase-sale agreement
  • Preparation of the public deed to transfer ownership
  • Taxation and planning of real state transactions
Specific advice for real estate companies
  • Public Administration Licenses
  • Land development
  • Usufruct right
  • Mortgage and financing topic for finance of real state transactions
  • Annuities