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Division of labor and medical liability in German law

TEAM – Together everyone achieves more… … Nowadays, effective work in the context of modern medicine is hardly conceivable without the collaboration of several people. On the one hand, the necessary specialization of the individual medical disciplines means that in most cases several doctors are involved in the treatment of a single patient. On the […]

Jorge Mañá Award 2024 – Marina Drópez

This April our colleague, Marina Drópez, enjoyed her stage in Stockholm after receiving the Jorge Maña Award 2024. The experience was enriching both personally and professionally. We would like to thank all Flood Herslow Holme Team for making her time at the Law Firm and in that wonderful city amazing. Tack så mycket!

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Businesses: Navigating Compliance with the European AI Act – Seminario BMKE por Seray Kantarci

Yesterday Seray made an amazing presentation about a nowadays trending topic: Artificial Intelligence Act in the EU. As of March 2024, the EU legislation is in the process of enacting the European Artificial Intelligence Act. The Act´s goal is to ensure the safety of fundamental rights of citizens by providing clear requirements and obligations regarding […]

EU Parliament: Green light for European AI Act

“Dear ChatGPT, are you safe to use?” – not safe enough, according to European legislation. Therefore, the use of AI has been regulated in the European Artificial Intelligence Act: the world’s first comprehensive set of rules for dealing with AI technology. The EU Commission submitted a legislative proposal back in April 2021, since then the […]

Kreis deutschsprachiger Führungskräfte event

Today in the Círculo Ecuestre Barcelona, we could enjoy a great event hosted by Kreis deutschsprachiger Führungskräfte and special an amazing speech held by Jan-Hendrik Goldbeck . Our Law Office was represented in the event by our Lawyers Ms. Jessica Wehmeier and Dr. David Elvira. The speaker transmitted to the audience an encouraging vision of […]

München – Barcelona

We are always glad to welcome in Barcelona WLN Partners. This week it made us a great pleasure to welcome Matthias Wallig from Intaria in Munich. Vielen Dank für Euren Besuch!