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WLN Autumn Conference 2013 – 26-28.09.2013, Eindhoven

Eindoven was a special conference because was hosted by  VDB Advocaten Notarissen and Wim Weijers who had been the WLN chairman since 2006 and were bound to leave the network and also a heartfelt farewell to Marianne Schollen, the secretary of the board since its start back in 2001 who had a tremendous significance for the network’s development.

The conference included a platform to discuss our network’s strategy facing the future and supposed some management and board changes. The delegates discussed how to face the Geographical extension of the network outside Europe and the need of being present at least in each economic region.

We were invited to share in the battle ‘to become better’ of the triple Olympic champion Pieter van den Hoogenband from Eindhoven, an invitation to draw conclusions for our own determination to succeed in our businesses. From the heart of Europe, Hans Martens, CEO of the independent Brussels think tank, the European Policy Center, spoke on ‘The crises and the future of Europe”.
The social program showed us how the city grew up and was transformed thanks to the Philip’s policy with its workers and we were lucky to had dinner at the PSV EINDHOVEN ARENA.