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WLN AUTUMM CONFERENCE IN ZURICH “The 20 year Celebration Conference”

The WLN Autumn Conference took place in Zurich on the 28th to 30th of October with the participation of Gloria Viñals and David Elvira.

The conference focused on the legal aspects of finance. There were presentations on private wealth planning, Merger and Acquisitions, sanction regulation for bank services, as well as corruption in the private markets.

The attendants also had the opportunity to attend a presentation about the metaverse.

Skills for managers had their place at the conference, too. Participants were able to attend a session on mindfulness and stress management.

The highlight of the conference, however, was the 20th anniversary celebration of WLN, which was held at Haus zum Rüdens, the impressive assembly hall of the Gesellschaft zur Constaffel, one of the notable historically buildings in Zurich. The theme of the celebration was the Roaring Twenties and all participants were dressed Great Gatsby style. All the attendants enjoyed a great evening with the rhythm of a live jazz band complying all the canons of the Twenties.


Congratulations WLN on your 20th birthday!