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There is no other option than to think global in business and in personal terms. The world is becoming a small village where everyone is neighbor; friends, partners and business are just in the corner despite of the physical distance.

Last August, our Partner, David Elvira, had the privilege to meet in Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam, Duc Dang Partner at Indochine Counsel, which is member of ASEAN LEGAL ALLIANCE, taking part in our alliance with Warwick Legal Network and My Dang Associate at the Law Firm.

David Elvira thank them for their warm welcome to the City for him and his family. After almost two weeks travelling with his family through Vietnam, David Elvira was able to learn that the Vietnamese people with their generous kindness are an awesome asset of the country. Anywhere you go is easy to find a smile or some friendly words. Duc and My were a great confirmation of this.

You can read that Vietnam has a growing economy that may offer business opportunities for WLN Partners and clients, but when you are in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), you not only see but also feel the dynamism of the ongoing businesses. By observing the city, it is important to keep an eye on the worldwide known motorbikes.

Many thanks!