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Trust in future generations

Trust in future generations is part of our DNA. Over the last decades, Bufete Mañá-Krier-Elvira has developed a training program where legal trainees from numerous countries (mainly Germany, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania and Bulgaria) or Referendaren have participated.

For some of them, this is their first contact with a Law Firm after their University years; for others, it is their first professional experience abroad. For us, it is an opportunity to teach our values and the privilege to be witnesses of the beginning of their flourishing careers.

Recently, in the Firm we received the visit of Dr. Marcus Iske, who was with us in 2009. We consider this visit an incredible gift: to see how our former trainees keep fond memories of their time in our Law Firm after so many years and how they have become successful lawyers.

From these lines, we would like to thank and send greetings to all trainees and Referendaren who share with us such beautiful memories.