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Launch del libro Shareholder Agreements a comparative Handbook by Warwick Legal Network – 09.2018

At the London Conference, Carlo Guiroli spotlighted that most of the times, the lawyers of the firm are asked to assist in the drafting and negotiation of Shareholders’ Agreements during an M&A transaction when a new party buys a majority or minority stake and needs to regulate certain aspects of the new “marriage”.

It was proposed to investigate and prepare a scientific legal paper in different jurisdictions to share to other legal advisors, clients, universities with comparative law courses and also for the use of non-lawyers.

Eventually, the book is the result of great teamwork by many member firms of the Warwick Legal Network (WLN), who joined forces to bring to life this practical comparative handbook on Shareholders’ Agreements.

Since Warwick Legal Network member firms advise mainly mid-cap corporations, we decided to limit the scope of this work to non-listed companies which statistically represent the majority of the clients of the network.

The book is divided into seventeen chapters, each representing a different jurisdiction.
Each chapter has three main parts. The first part contains a brief introduction on the legal framework of the relevant jurisdiction. The second one deals with the validity of shareholder agreements and how possibly to terminate them. And the third, copes with enforcement of such agreements, in case at least one of the parties fails to fulfill his obligations.

It has been a true choral work.