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Kreis deutschsprachiger Führungskräfte event

Today in the Círculo Ecuestre Barcelona, we could enjoy a great event hosted by Kreis deutschsprachiger Führungskräfte and special an amazing speech held by Jan-Hendrik Goldbeck . Our Law Office was represented in the event by our Lawyers Ms. Jessica Wehmeier and Dr. David Elvira.

The speaker transmitted to the audience an encouraging vision of the business future with optimisms by avoiding a naif perspective that made it much convincing for the audience. It was the young and inspiring voice of a German family Group in the second generation that has achieved to multiple its turnover in the last decade in spite of all the  economic turbulences. Not only digitalisation, but also empathy with clients, relationship with employees, creativity and sustainability challenges were covered with smartness and positive attitude in the speech.

“Die Zukunft wird von Menschen gemacht … vertrauen wir uns selbst“ were the last words in the presentation that inspired a lot of outcoming thoughts.

Congratulations to the speaker and Kreis deutschsprachiger Führungskräfte for this event.