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Daniela Kishkova, Partner in Bulgaria and winner of Jorge Maña’s award – 01.08.2017, Barcelona

Welcome in Barcelona Daniela Kishkova the winner of Jorge Mañá’s Award, Warwick Legal Network

We are very pleased to have Daniela Kishkova from the WLN Partner in Bulgaria, Ivan Bojov Law Firm with us in Barcelona. Daniela’s choice makes us specially honoured and happy. There is no need to say, that for Bufete Mañá Krier Elvira this Award is a very special Award, and it is the first time that our Law Office has been chosen as a destination by a winner.

The Award aims to promote the education of our young colleagues within our Warwick Legal Network. It is an opportunity to get to know better other legal cultures as well as to open the minds of our future Lawyers` leaders. In order to succeed within the realm of international business, a broad world view is indispensable.

That is why the Jorge Mañá’s Award is specially appreciated as it not only educates but also promotes an approach of creating international business within our Network. WLN inspires the advice and creation of international business, this Award inspires young Lawyer to reach such goals. In Barcelona there is no better way to welcome

Daniela as raising up a glass of fresh cava!!!
Cheers Daniela Cheers Warwick Legal Network!!!!