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Archive of month: marzo 2024

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Businesses: Navigating Compliance with the European AI Act – Seminario BMKE por Seray Kantarci

Yesterday Seray made an amazing presentation about a nowadays trending topic: Artificial Intelligence Act in the EU. As of March 2024, the EU legislation is in the process of enacting the European Artificial Intelligence Act. The Act´s goal is to ensure the safety of fundamental rights of citizens by providing clear requirements and obligations regarding […]

EU Parliament: Green light for European AI Act

“Dear ChatGPT, are you safe to use?” – not safe enough, according to European legislation. Therefore, the use of AI has been regulated in the European Artificial Intelligence Act: the world’s first comprehensive set of rules for dealing with AI technology. The EU Commission submitted a legislative proposal back in April 2021, since then the […]